Touch & Pay(tm)


Touch & Pay(tm)

safer transactions with biometrics


  • attract new card customers (ask about consumer research report)

  • have your card be the preferred card in the wallet

  • mitigate fraud losses

  • a new card product providing a competative advantage

  • EMV and Payments Network Approved chip

  • Payments Network Approved Software

  • Card type approval and testing underway

  • Card conforms to ISO credit card standards

  • Card works with EMV contact card readers and ATM's

  • Can be provided as a white label card for Bank personalization


  • 80% of credit card holders are concerned about fraud

  • 67% would pay for a safer biometric fingerprint card

  • 67% would pay $....................... for a 3 year card 

please contact company for further details - provided to card issuing banks only

Given the level of concern by card holders regarding card fraud along with their willingness to pay for a safer biometric credit card, it is clear that nearly 2/3rds of the market would be attracted to the SmartMetric Touch & Pay card.  As part of the card mix for a card issuing Bank this new techonlogy card could very well be a force in its own right to attract new card customers.  Creating a major product differentiation in an industry of same-same product offerings.

Contact SmartMetric for a demonstration of the biometric Touch & Pay (tm) card



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