Easy to enroll your fingerprint at home.  No need to ever give your fingerprint to a bank.  Your card becomes the vault that stores your fingerprint.  Only after you touch the cards biometric sensor on the top of the card will the cards chip work for a credit or debit card transaction.  Inside the card is a powerful miniature computer on a paper thin mother board that scans and matches your fingerprint in less than a second.

Arm Cortex Processor inside.  Elliptic Curve encryption protecting internal data.  Advanced miniature very small electronics mounted on the biometric cards internal mother board.  Up to 2 Gigabytes of internal encrypted memory depending on the cards usage.

The Credit Card Chip Used For Card Transactions Only Works Following A Fingerprint Biometric Match 


The contact chip on credit cards has proven to be effective in fighting card fraud but has not been fraud proof.  Add to this, the even more insecure contactless card with inbuilt RFID/NFC wireless connection.  The contactless card was deemed by the credit card industry as being particularly insecure, causing very low transaction limits on transactions by card issuers for customers using the contactless radio frequency feature.


SmartMetric's vision of incorporating fingerprint biometrics inside the credit card, not only added additional security for the chip based cards but provided extremely robust security for contactless RFID/NFC wireless transactions.

Young woman fix PC component in service

During more than a decade of research and development by SmartMetric, the company has produced numerous versions of its card.  Each version has seen advances in the card's electronics.  Advances such as component thickness reductions, rechargeable power technology improvements, mother board reduction in size and thickness, internal biometric processor for rapid and secure fingerprint scanning and matching, better resolution and efficacy of the card's fingerprint sensor. 

On top of all of these constantly improved elements of the SmartMetric biometric card the company has just recently added the capability for its fingerprint sensor to differentiate between a live finger and a fake finger being used to turn on the credit card.

The latest innovation by SmartMetric of being able to tell the difference between a live fingerprint and a fake fingerprint, has been added to the cards features at the behest of a major global credit card network.  This network has placed this requirement on biometric card manufacturers in order to obtain biometric card approval for use of the biometric card on its global network.

Payment networks that provide the interconnection with card processors and banks are the final stipulators and approvers of cards that are to operate over their respective networks.  If the card has a global payments network logo and is wanting to operate over its global payments network then it must receive approval from one or more of the global payments networks.  No card issuing bank or institution is able to issue a credit or debit card of any kind without the approval of one or more of the major credit card payments networks.

SmartMetric is now preparing to submit its latest card version that incorporates amongst all of its advanced technology, the capability to distinguish between a live finger and a fake finger.  This is so that it may then be submitted for biometric card product testing for use on a major credit card global network.


Smartmetric has been reengineering its biometric fingerprint card since March of 2021 to incorporate the live fingerprint detection.  SmartMetric is doing its own rigorous internal testing, prior to going forward with production models that will be submitted to the payments network authorized biometric test laboratory.