Please Read Before Using This Chat Feature

The chat feature on this site is open to all.  While the chat is able to be used by the public chat services do not conform to public company disclosure rules and regulations.  As such the company is not able to provide information or answer questions that would lead to the disclosure of information that has not already be disseminated using an acceptable public disclosure method.  Accepted public disclosure methods approved for use by publicly traded companies are either an approved news wire service or an official 8K filing.

Questions may be asked from time to time that are confidential.  The company reserves the right to not answer questions that would lead to providing information that is deemed commercially sensitive and confidential information. This includes but is not limited to such things as product component suppliers, timing of release of various products ahead of public disclosure of such timing and business dealings that have not yet been made public.

As a technology developer and manufacturer the company has entered into various non disclosure agreements that restrict the company from disclosing certain information even needing to keep secret various commercial relationships.  The company takes very seriously its obligations under these agreements as well as it takes very seriously protecting its own trade secrets.

The company reserves the right to block access to the chat feature at anytime to any person that is either abusive or insists on demanding the disclosure of confidential and or trade secret information.

Having said the above the company will be pleased to answer any questions that do not contravene public disclosure regulations and do not effect the company's trade secrets.




SmartMetric has spent over a decade in research and development of it's in side the card fingerprint biometric reader.  A technology that is now at the forefront in delivering biometric security around the world.

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