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Listed below are a variety of forms for you to download.
(to download PDF forms, you may have to download Adobe Acrobat)



Shareholder Forms

144 Summary Chart144 Summary Chart

Rule 144 Seller’s Rep LetterAffiliates Identity Report

ACH FormAffiliates Letter

Affidavit of DomicileCash Dividend Distribution Form

Affidavit of LossClient Stock Issuance Form

Affidavit of NonReceiptCorporate Action Form for FINRA – NASDAQ

Change of AddressCorporate Resolution

Generic LTReverse Split Instructions/Notification Form

One & the Same FormShareholder Meeting Form

Stock PowerShares Reserve Account Setup Letter

W-8 Ben (Instructions)Stock Split/Dividend Notification Form

W-9 Form (Instructions)

Waiver of Probate

Transfer Instruction Form

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do I transfer a certificate?

  2. How do I Transfer Certificates Because of Deceased Owner(s)?

  3. My legal name has changed; do I need to get my stock certificate(s) re-registered?

  4. What is Individual Registration?

  5. What is Joint Registration With Rights of Survivorship (WROS)?What is Tenants In Common?

  6. What is Tenants In Common?

  7. What is Custodial Registration?

  8. How is a custodial registration changed?

  9. What is Trust Registration?

  10. What is a TOD (Transfer On Death) Registration?

  11. I lost my stock certificate(s), what can I do?

  12. What are Restricted and Control Securities?

  13. What are the conditions of Rule 144?

  14. Can the securities be sold publicly if I meet the conditions of Rule144?

  15. The transfer agent whose name is on my stock certificate has changed, what can I do?

  16. The name of the company printed on my stock certificate has changed, what can I do?

  17. How can I find information on an old stock certificate, in my possession?

  18. How do I sell my security held in my possession?

  19. Can I find out who the “street name” holders are?

  20. What is the difference between Registered and “Street” share certificates?

  21. What is a “Medallion Guarantee”?

  22. What is DTC?

  23. What is Cede & Co.?

  24. What is Broadridge?

  25. When do I receive information on annual meetings and proxy voting?

  26. When do I receive my dividend payments?

  27. What should I do if my dividend check is lost or stolen?

  28. How do I have dividends deposited directly to my bank?

  29. What is “backup” withholding?

  30. What is Dividend Reinvestment?

  31. How can I obtain a copy of my 1099?

  32. What is Escheatment or Unclaimed Property?


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