SmartMetric has spent more than a decade to develop the SmartMetric biometric card.  

Inside the SmartMetric biometric card is a marvel in super micro electronics.  A mother board paper thin is populated with equally super thin electronic components.  

Also inside the super thin electronics is a very thin and powerful rechargeable battery that allows the card to do a fingerprint scan before it is inserted into a card reader.  This is very important for ATM transactions since the vast majority of ATM/s swallow the entire card prior to a transaction taking place.  No holding the card and drawing off the power of the reader will work in this case.  Also holding a card in a reader in a retail store while your fingerprint is being scanned is in a lot of cases ergonomically difficult.  Especially where the card entry slot on a lot of readers is so close to the shops counter shop.

SmartMetric has a team of electronics engineers in Tel Aviv Israel.  SmartMetric is a USA domiciled company with it's head office in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The company has distributors in North and South America and is in the process of appointing additional biometric card distributors in Europe and Asia/Pacific.

While the company has made an unbelievably advanced credit card with the SmartMetric biometric technology inside.  The company is not resting on this amazing product accomplishment.  Already under development are new card based products that build further on its super thin micro electronics advancements.



CEO & PRESIDENT - SmartMetric since 2004

The founder and main inspiration for SmartMetric, Chaya Hendrick is the company's President & CEO.  She started off in the world of technology at the age of 18 having founded her own software company.  Specializing in online database systems and cutting edge electronic online publishing of large textual works combined with a powerful "every word" search feature.  One of her earlier accomplishments was to create the world's first online full text searchable dictionary while working in both the USA and Australia on other significant online database innovations.

For a seven year period, Chaya founded and solely funded her own property development company in Australia.  Her last major development which she designed, developed and marketed was nearby the Australia's national capital, Canberra.  Called Clair Valley estates, the development was an upscale mini farm development created from the subdivision and building of roads and infrastructure over more than a thousand acres.   As with her earlier experience in technology her property developments were highly profitable and solely funded by her in her private companies.

Chaya is experienced in founding advanced technology enterprises as well as being highly skilled in international business, property development and marketing using mass media such as TV and radio. Not your normal tech person but one who has successfully launched and run business across various industries.  Today Chaya is responsible for the day to day management of SmartMetric which involves all things necessary for running a publicly traded company to dealing on a daily basis guiding the SmartMetric engineers.  Her years involved in advanced computer software systems design has provided SmartMetric with advanced systems design carrying over into the company's electronic system engineering.

Board Member / Director – SmartMetric since April 2006

Elizabeth Ryba

16 years experience in the credit card industry having worked as a senior VP for marketing of one of the worlds major global credit card networks.

Board Member / Director  CFO – SmartMetric since 2004

Jay Needelman, CPA

17 years experience in public accounting