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Strategy Meets Biometrics

SmartMetric is a technology development and manufacturing company

Biometric Security Built Inside The Card

Fingerprint scanner built inside the credit card - users own biometrics protects and unlocks the card

How Does It Work

Card issuers send out the biometric credit card as a regular credit card.  User enrolls their fingerprint on the card as simply as enrolling a fingerprint on a smart phone

Once a card holders fingerprint is stored inside the card no one else can use the card

The SmartMetric biometric credit card has been designed and developed by SmartMetric engineers and product development designers

Designed and built for today's credit card issuers and credit card users

Inside the SmartMetric Biometric Credit Card

miniature nano circuit board

rechargeable hybrid solid state battery

embedded cryptographic secured processor for storing and procesing users fingerprint

internal power management system for recharging battery from contact card readers and RFID/NFC energy harvesting

GB of memory for multi-function card applications

miniature sensor protruding through cards surface for scanning card holder's fingerprint

Proprietary SmartMetric developed operating system for controlling the operation of the embedded Cortex processor 

Highly efficient SmartMetric embedded fingerprint recognition software

Developed methodology for mass production of the SmartMetric biometric credit card

invented by Chaya Hendrick  - patents issued and patents pending

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