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SmartMetric has successfully completed testing of its In-Card-Operating-System with the new Version 4 of our Biometric Fingerprint secured Credit Card hardware.

November 2, 2023

The SmartMetric operating system controls the cards functions such as fingerprint recognition, power management of the charging and control of the powering of the cards internal CPU.  While also operating and controlling the cards RFID contactless transmission.  The software also controls the harvesting of energy from contactless card readers that is directed into the cards power management system in order to recharge the cards internal battery.  The cards power management system also receives power through the cards EMV/Smart Card chip that sends power via the cards power management system to rapid recharge the cards internal battery.

SmartMetric Card 2020.jpg

Our engineers completing successful benchtop testing of our Operating System software with our new card electronics - 11/2/2023

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