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The world's most advanced biometric credit card is a product developed by SmartMetric, Inc.  SmartMetric is a USA company trading on the OTC BB.  The company is fully audited and current in all of its filings.  The company has spent years in developing what it believes is the most advanced user an bank friendly biometric card ever developed.  A fully functional biometric fingerprint scanner is embedded inside a standard sized credit card.  Powered by an advanced "green" hybrid battery smaller than 1/4 the thickness of a credit card.  The SmartMetric biometric credit card is turned on by the card user's fingerprint.   For new card users enrollment of their fingerprint is as simple as touching the cards sensor three (3) times and thereafter the card holders fingerprint is forever stored inside the biometric credit card.  Your privacy is totally protected.  No going into a bank branch to have your fingerprint stored. No cloud storage of your fingerprint.  Your fingerprint is stored inside your own card and protected behind a highly safe encrypted firewall using a hardware encryption system inside the card.  To first enroll your fingerprint on your card and have it encrypted and stored inside your card is as simple and painless as one stores their fingerprint on their smartphone.  But a whole lot safer than a smartphone since you biometric payment card is only connected to a network for a few seconds when you are using your card at a checkout.  Unlike a smartphone that is always network connected.  We at SmartMetric say, "Always connected means always hackable."    THE SMARTMETRIC BIOMETIC CREDIT CARD IS THE SAFEST AND EASIEST TO USE BIOMETRIC CARD EVER DEVELOPED.


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