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Card Issuers

SmartMetric Works With Card Issuers to Bring to Market Biometric Protected and Secured Credit Cards

Nearly 70% of existing credit card users are willing to pay for a biometric credit card for enhanced security



Continued Research and Development is at the core of SmartMetric.

Product innovation and enhancement is a constant within the company.

Innovating for the benefit of all those involved in the credit card eco-system with a strong focus on the card user experience


Strategy By Design

Achieving a strategic advantage in the competitive credit card industry through new product innovation that meets the needs and desires of the credit card user.  

Beyond competing based on rewards the SmartMetric Biometric Credit Card is a new card category that elevates and meets existing consumer demand for a safer and more secure credit card.



Adding biometric fingerprint recognition security to a credit card is a huge leap in innovation and card security


Instant Identity Validation Beyond the PIN

Using the card holders own fingerprint biometrics is a totally more secure method of user validation beyond the PIN or pass codes.


User Experience

SmartMetric recognized that the user experience of the SmartMetric biometric credit card needed to be simple and frictionless.

From a simple yet secure first fingerprint enrollment to the simple use of the card at any card reader or ATM makes the SmartMetric biometric credit card the best biometric card solution.



The User Interface is instinctive with reactive LED light feedback


Secure EMV Element Not Used for Fingerprint Scan and Match

Because the SmartMetric biometric card has its own non EMV secure element processor the store and retrieval of the card users' fingerprint is as simple and secure as that experienced on using fingerprint biometics on a mobile phone.

The SmartMetric product is the only biometric card solution that allows in home fingerprint enrollment which is imperative for most large-scale card issuers in markets such as the USA.



Current manufacturing capacity for the SmartMetric biometric card is 1 million cards a month.   This can be substantially increased to meet rising consumer demand.

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